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Who Are We

Austrin lab is a fastest growing pharmaceutical company in Indian pharma market. We also provide pharma franchise to various Head quarter all over india and globe. We have vast experience in the field of medicines. We provide quality medicine in affordable price, so that our dealers can compete in the fields. We are a globally recognized multispecialty healthcare company producing a wide range of healthcare and Pharma products. Austrin lab a division of B D Medicare Group Company has managed to stay above some of the toughest of challenges that tried to become a hurdle in its path to glory. Ever since the inception of the company in the year 2014, B D Medicare Group has made it a habit of growing. This is all possible due to its strategic investments and global partnerships in some of the core businesses of the world.

Our highly affordable and high-quality medicines are designed to fight with persistent and pervasive health problems of the people of the world. This has helped us gain the trust of billions of people from different corners of the globe. Our stringent quality assurance team makes sure that all of our medicines meet the international guidelines and are of highest quality standards.

Austrin lab products have been proven rather effective in getting rid of various diseases that have been making life difficult for humans all these days. Our strength is our product portfolio that gives us a leading edge over our competitors in the worldwide market. It also motivates us to come up with high quality and affordable medicines for the people of the planet irrespective of their socio-economic and geographic barriers.